How to party like a meat inspector: a retrospective of texts from last night.

Texts from Wiley Juggs to Anna L. Pleasure
7:00 pm dude i’m fucking bailing on this shit. When/where. I might be late.
7:29 pm k. If i’m not too drunk to crash my way there I’m coming. and making out wit your boobs.
7:35 pm god damn. i love free booze.
8:02 pm i love your boobs. dude said i can leave all i want. i’m fucking coming to furry-oke ya’ll.
8:38 pm this can is your can. we’re eating fucking cake then i’m fucking out of here. i’m wearing a dress so its easy acess- if you’re interested.
9:17 pm i might endup seeing strippers
9:19 pm dude seriously. the groomsmen are seeing tits.
10:10 pm Erotica!
10:59 pm this place is still bullshit.
11:55 pm Boobs lixked. I’m happy.
12:59 am Boo Boo. Come here mayve. Bppze is. Free. I’m drunks
1:07 am They stole my bEer cup! I am infinity putraged
1:47 am 3 dudes are wukkug ti ssupport my stripper anntics. I’m basically rich.
2:09 am 2 srunl to drunk! Anna come gelp. I thre up. so sad.
2:13 am i have a seriuioys casr of shivers and barfs.

9:50 am : Its ok. I puked my guts out in erotica’s bathroom and woke up this morning with a lawyer’s business card in my bra. Wtf?

The synopsis. First you can clearly see a decline of spelling as the night progresses. It starts out that she is going to meet me, for the sexual pervertedness that is furries, in the wonderful setting of bar karaoke. with in 29 mins it became, she will meet me, if she’s not too drunk. Then she’s lured in by cake and cute boys at the wedding reception she is attending. With in the 52 mins it took to eat cake, she convinced the groomsmen to go see tits. I have, of course, lost her to the lure of lusty ladies lobbing labia. Her night starts out slow but once she is allowed to lick one of the stripper’s nipples, Pandora’s box is opened. With in an hour of nipple lickage, she has progressed into a drunken mess.  By 2ish she is puking in the bathroom at erotica, 2hrs and 5 mins after nipple lickage.

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One Response to “How to party like a meat inspector: a retrospective of texts from last night.”

  1. Freak pirate 69 Says:

    Throwing up in Erotica is the best review of that shit hole…

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